DQW Raw Eye Movement Data Acquisition Software

ISCAN’s DQW software application is the main interface for all of our laboratory systems. Depending on the laboratory being used, the software allows the user to control the eye imaging packages, the eye tracking and point-of-regard calibration processes, view eye and scene images with overlaid eye crosshairs and point-of-regard indicators, specify and record data appropriate for the experiment and direct data to real time serial, analog and digital output ports. DQW software runs on Windows operating systems.


PRZ Point-of-Regard Analysis Software 

One of the principal uses of eye tracking technology is to determine precisely where on a stimulus or target image, a subject has fixated and to analyze the fixation patterns. To make sense of the fixation data, it is essential to correlate fixations with the particular image being seen and objects of importance within this image. In addition, it is often of value to consolidate the resulting data over multiple trials and/or multiple subjects. The ISCAN Point-of-Regard Analysis (“PRZ”) Software implements a methodology which allows users to automate the fixation analysis process and report tabular and graphical results.


GMT Fixation Gradient Mapping Tool

ISCAN’s Fixation Gradient Mapping Tool (“GMT”) software allows the user to import individual or groups of fixation files to produce stunning and meaningful gradient maps overlaid on the image viewed. The software automatically filters and utilizes only those fixations from the designated image, even in files containing multi-image sequences. Multiple gradient map types can be selected, each showing the results of using a different fixation metric. In addition, the GMT software gives the user full control of the overlay transparency and color selection for each map.